Tuesday, March 15, 2011

We've Moved

If you've been wondering why you haven't seen much going on on this blog after I vowed to blog more, it's not because I've abandoned my resolutions. It's because I've started a new & better venture, bringing you the same wit, sass and style of Spoils of Style is the new site Spoils of Style.

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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Resolution Check-in Time

So we're almost at the end of January and when the new year started I passed this sign on the way home that said "may your troubles last as long as your resolutions." Although I realize most people don't keep their resolutions, I'm trying very hard to keep mine, or at least some of them. Here's a mock up of my new years resolution successes thus far:

Put my BlackBerry in the Backseat When I'm Driving.
Failing miserably, I never usually text while driving but I found myself doing it this past week. I'm usually guilty of talking on my phone while driving, but this was a new level of bad driving etiquette for me.

Get my American Driver's License.
Verdict: Got it! I didn't let this one go unnoticed, I made sure I got my license as soon as the new year set in.

Learn the Virtue of Patience.
Verdict: I'm still trying. This is a work in progress, but I'm doing better.

Stop Living Vicariously through Pop Culture.
Verdict: Ha! I'm looking at this one right now and wondering if I had a few glasses of wine when I wrote this post because pop culture is fun. Sure I need to get out more, but between Gossip Girl and Vampire Diaries, my real life romantic dry spell doesn't seem so terrible.

Spend More Time at Museums & Art Galleries.
Verdict: I've been out once or twice since the new year started but I definitely need to up my culture quotient some more. Maybe I should make a point of it to blog about interesting places/food/people and the like.

Reconnect With Myself, My Goals, My Desires, and My Plan.
Verdict: This takes a lot of quality me time, not the time spent sitting in front of the TV or the computer. Working on my grad school application might help me do this.

When Does Life Really Start

Considering my life after college, I can't help but feel cheated and not like those law school graduates that can't find jobs and are suing their alma maters for what their calling a ponzi scheme. Which, mind you is ridiculous, you decided to go into post-graduate studies, and it's not your school's fault you can't get a job, it's the economy's. Get your act together. What I mean to say is, for all the promise of the real world and life starting after you leave college, the truth of the matter is - I feel like I'm still waiting on my life to start. Although I hate the cliche line waiting for my life to start, I feel like I had more of a life when I was in college.

I suppose what I really mean is I enjoyed my life more. I had a discussion with a friend about life somewhat sucking after college, and being that I've moved away from all of my friends, with the exception of my family I have a very minimal level of human interaction (especially since my profession has been relegated to working from home thanks to the internet). This whole situation makes me wonder what my life is going to be like for my 20s, I finished college at 20 and now what, most people talk about their crazy twenties and how they really lived in their early adult years but my twenties started when I left college, and they don't seem to be getting better.

I'm looking for an opportunity to work in a social environment, and all this lack of interaction is like a social experiment gone wrong. I suddenly understand what sociologist babble on about when they're talking about human beings being social creatures. All this me time has me reconsidering whether or not I'd really be happy being single and childless for the rest of my life. I love myself, yet I can't imagine how stir-crazy I'll become if I'm relegated to spending the rest of my life in the digital age's equivalent of solitary confinement.

Friday, January 14, 2011

A Day in My Life My Life in a Day: Charade

So I must think I live in an Audrey Hepburn movie or something because I'm obsessed with trying to live out moments from my favorite films in everyday life. Two days ago I decided I'd be coming to NY for a couple days, and yesterday I decided my sister was going to come along for the ride. Thus far we've pigged out on lasagna and chicken marsala at Carmine's, a haunt I love in NYC (although now that one's in the Penn Quarter of DC I've got to go more often). After stuffing our faces with food and sitting around and allowing the meal to settle in our bellies (i.e. let the itis set in) we found a way to muscle our way over to the NYPL, only to find the cutest old telephone booths known to man. I don't know what it is about the New York Public Library but I'm utterly obsessed and this time I decided to have a little fun with my baby sister (she's 14 and taller than me mind you). In the film Charade, Audrey gets cornered in a telephone booth, which is probably the reason why I'm so taken with the ones over here. We each took it upon ourselves to sit, stand, and make goofy faces in the telephone booth while the other caught it on camera. I'm starting to think I need more of these random moments of crazy in my life, the last few months have been way too dull.

One day I'm going to stand in front of the Arc de Triumph and let a few dozen balloons fly like she did in Funny Face. Only then will my life be complete.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Rant: Homosexuality & the World That Doesn't Want to Understand

I don't quite get the anti-gay debate. It's not that I don't understand that some people are just plain terrified of homosexuality, but what I don't understand is why the hell it matters to them. As a woman, I'd prefer not to be in a relationship with a man, or God forbid, married to a man who would rather be penetrating or penetrated by another man. I think the conservative side of society should stop trying to push homosexuality back into the proverbial closet and accept it.

People talk about whether or not it's a choice or a natural thing, my thoughts are that each case is different, it's both. Then again nobody ever goes around asking straight people why they choose to be straight. I once dated a guy that said gays were evil because they couldn't reproduce and that was the whole point of us being here on this earth. Needless to say, our relationship ended very quickly after that argument. I couldn't deal with the hypocrisy of it all because I threw it right back in his face when I said, I don't want to reproduce so by your logic I am just as evil as they are. I think on some level many priest have pitted religion against homosexuality for the simple reason that some of them are jealous of those that have chosen to live their life regardless of what society has to say. I sometimes wonder what the ratio of A-sexual to homosexual priests really is, they've chosen not to procreate and are valued for it, so why should a man or woman who chooses to save the world from eating itself alive in overpopulation by loving someone of the same sex be any different.

Love is love, God is love. I've almost completely abandoned the idea of organized religion, and no religion can convince me that homosexuality is an act against God.

That's all she wrote... For now

Friday, December 31, 2010

Resolutions: Ones I'll Keep... Ones I Won't

Almost every year I make a bunch of resolutions that by two months into the new year I've either forgotten or broken beyond repair. In mindless adolescence I made the ridiculous resolution to find a boyfriend, promised myself I wouldn't let the highschool 'love of my life' back into my life, and all sorts of ludicrous relationship resolutions that have bluntly and painfully not panned out the way I thought they would. This year my resolutions are a bit more basic, a list of practical goals that I can meet with a little self control and a bit of determination.

Ten Resolutions I'll Keep:

Find a Job I'll Love.
This means pounding the pavement and getting out from behind my computer screen, a concept that has become more difficult since I've been in cyber land for the last eight months.

Appreciate the Area that I Live in More.
I spent 95% percent of my day behind a computer screen in one room of the house. I watch TV at the same time that I'm using my computer and I barely go anywhere, this needs to stop. I'm not the kind of person that enjoys the hermit life.

Start Writing My Book.
Between finding inspirations (this means reading and experiencing more) and actually putting pen to moleskine, I need to start writing my first novel.

Stop Shopping for Things I Don't Need.
A staple on almost every woman's list, nevertheless I don't have the money to throw around and buy, buy, buy so the debit/credit card is under suspension.

Put my BlackBerry in the Backseat When I'm Driving.
I drive a car with a manual transmission, holding my BlackBerry while changing gears is a no no. Even with bluetooth in the car I've found it hard to cut the crackberry habit for however long my trip is, this will stop.

Get my American Driver's License.
I have my Canadian one, but it's about time I traded the darn thing in and sat through that three hour video they make you watch. This should be the first thing I get done come Monday.

Learn the Virtue of Patience.
I've found that my patience has been running thin, whether I need to take up Yoga or a kickboxing class, I've got to find another outlet for my anger.

Stop Living Vicariously through Pop Culture.
I watch way too much TV and Movies, and I read too many books, it's become this thing where I live in them or through them, rather than finding my own path.

Spend More Time at Museums & Art Galleries.
I love these places, they're awe inspiring and I need to rekindle my love affair.

Reconnect With Myself, My Goals, My Desires, and My Plan.
Pretty self explanatory, but I need to develop a way to hold onto these things in the face of whatever adversity comes my way.

Three I Won't:

Be less pessimistic about love.
Three words: Just Not Me.

Lay off the sugary sweet stuff and lose 15 pounds.
Or else I find a job and move out this isn't going to happen any time soon, it'll be a found my independence resolution in a little while.

Stop repeating my romantic history.
I've fallen in love twice in my life, the two guys are more alike than I'd like to admit and neither are practical. However, I can't seem to break the cycle, I'm into the star crossed lover thing.

Out with 2010 in with 2011.
In the words of my all-time favorite Jezebel post - 'Fuck You 2010'

That's All She Wrote... For Now

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Blowing Out the Candles

I'm ashamed that the last time I posted was so long ago. With less than a month until my 21st birthday I'm sitting around wondering what the hell happened in the last year. First off, my relationships sucked, my career goals have thrown me into some nearly crushing emotional turmoil, and my family has become an even bigger part of my life than they already were.

BONUS: I'm now a published author, well sort of, my chapter on Canadian Healthcare was finally published in Universal Healthcare Problems in the United States of America (you can buy your copy on Amazon.com). I'm almost 21, so what the heck does that mean? In the last year I've made more dating mistakes than I did in my entire four years of college and gone ahead and transported my life from one country to the next. The last month and a half has been a crazy whirlwind experience, especially working for POSHGLAM.com and next week I'll be heading to Toronto for LG Fashion Week.

Where this all become some sort of pseudo-picturesque life? I don't know. I'm more tired than I've ever been, which may have something to do with the fact that I've been taking day trips back and forth between NY and DC. But I've never been so insanely happy, my dreams are coming true in ways I'd never expected so soon. Now what, in a few days I'll be blowing out my candles again, is that all there is? I need my Masters so NYU better get ready for me.

That's all she wrote... For now